Friday, August 3, 2012

Crazy Horse & Mt. Rushmore

 Just alittle input in History.

 My two silly one's infront of Mt. Rushmore.
 Old tools that were used to work on Crazy Horse. It's a private funded memorial. I do not believe it will even be done in my childrens life time. So if you ever go out that way....DONATE....that's how they keep the project going.
 What Crazy Horse should look like when it is done.

More from our trip out West.

 Just an amazing view.
Just a deer running from the train.

 I just think this is such a great picture of Seth. His blue eyes are so bright!

Wild Turkeys. So many baby turkeys!

Sophia enjoying the train ride.

 Steve, Sophia & Seth waiting for the train to get there.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our trip out West.....very fun :)

So many baby bears. They were so sweet!

Guess this bear is just chill'n

The train we rode on.

Wild Turkey's
An old mine.

In South Dakota on this part of our trip.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome Leah :)

Just would like to show everyone my son Nicholas's new puppy Leah....
Leah is called my  "Grand Puppy"  Oh how that cracks me up.
She is one crazy little dog. She gives me a run for my money let me tell ya. I do enjoy her.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Freezing my tumors

Well the doctors are going to freeze my tumors in a few days. They've said they've had good results doing this. Makes me a little scared but I'll give it a try. What do I have to lose.... nothing.

I look at it this way. They can do it to help me but I'm also helping them by seeing how it works. With each person they try this with they can see what works and what doesn't. It's all good.

Only thing is No Music.....hahaha! We'll be in a different room this time. I think it's the CT room. Oh I have enough music in my head to keep me busy. Maybe I'll sing a country song for Dr. Ali.....that's a joke because he hates country music. I don't. He lets me listen to 80's hair band music during my other treatments. I guess you'd have to be in the treatment room to under the humor in all this.

Anyway I will post after I'm done having the tumors froze in my liver. Until then I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend & a amazing month of June!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Here's the video my friend Michael Gallagher made for his school project. We were class mates at
Columbia in Chicago. When he asked me to do it I was like "heck yeah!" I never turn down a way to get the word out about Breast Cancer. Or any cancer at that.

He did such a great job! I'm very proud of the job he did. Very proud to call him my friend too. So watch the video. Learn from it and tell everyone about it. Get that word out. Just know I'm very positive about my cancer. It is what it is. God gave it to me for a reason and that reason was to help other's.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Test Results/Don't forget to fight....

Well got all the results from my PET Scan, MRI & CT Scans.
No new cancer. It's staying in my liver. Lungs were great. PET scan was great....MRI is the big pain in my butt!

So it shows the liver really hasn't changed. It either shows the tumors grew alittle or it scar tissue. So Dr. Kang & Dr. Ali were going to go over the MRI together. So we will see what's up my next appointment and we will go from there. As in either more chemo in the liver or freeze those babies. But I have to stay on chemo every 2 weeks. Oh joy.

I know it is what it is. I'm always positive about it. But yet you have those moments to where you stop and think why keep doing this crap. Is it it it this or is it some days. Then see my children.....and those thoughts go right out my mind. The thought of maybe seeing a wedding or a grandchild pop in my head. That's a great thought. To finally see Adam get his welding degree. To see Nicholas finally become a fireman for our home town or any town.

To see Jory go to his first prom. To be here to see Jory graduate from high school.  To see Sophia start high school. Then little Seth grow into a little man. To  see what he might be as a man. To have my 25 Wedding Anniversary party. Renew our vows is a good idea.

So that's why I fight. If you or whoever reads this ever had a doubt....don''s worth the fight. Don't give up. Remember fight like there is a tomorrow. Fight like you've never fought before. Make your dreams come true. Don't sit there and watch life pass you by....join in & live!